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Дата отправки: 2020.06.02 10:01
Имя: Vernoninwat
Email: catch673xic@swing.ioswed.com
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Watch a new advertisement to promote motorcycle clothing!

This ad is for our annual "Wear to Bike" campaign. With the help of our sponsors the cycle wear industry (see our partners) has made tremendous strides in the last decade and we are confident in our success, but it takes more than that. The real commitment of bike industry supporters is a commitment to the safety of riders; they pay attention to the quality and safety of bikes and their own personal safety in the process. With their support, we hope to expand the cycling community to all ages and all different abilities. We are not just making a statement.

We understand the importance of being able to make a statement and make people go outside their comfort zone, but it needs to be a statement with a value in the sport. We believe it is in the sport's best interest for riders to make statements in such a way as to keep the sport moving in the right direction.

What we have done for the last two years is try to create a new m

Дата отправки: 2020.05.31 5:21
Имя: AneTRic
Email: anna@yarnotary.ru
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Есть у кого знакомые с короновирусом?

Дата отправки: 2020.05.30 22:12
Имя: Vernoninwat
Email: catch258tmc@swing.ioswed.com
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Atkinson finishes fourth at rally of japanese motor sport

The rally of Japanese motor sport motor racing, to be held on September 15th in Osaka, has been cancelled due to the tragic death of Japanese motor sport racer Tokuro Kaneko.

Nissan J.A.R.T., the driver of the new Nissan Silvia which will debut in the J.A.R.T. Super Formula Championship, will take on the J.A.R.T. and its sister team to establish Japanese championship for Japanese motorsport.

The driver of the team in Japan, JT Tatsuya, who was riding in the J.A.R.T. Super Formula Championship, has been declared dead, due to a motorcycle accident.

The crash has killed Japanese motor sport racer Tokuro Kaneko, who was a J.A.R.T. test driver and who competed in the series for four years.

On July 23rd, Kaneko was killed at the hands of Japanese motor sport racer Tokuro Kaneko, who raced a new Nissan Silvia for J.A.R.T and also raced for Takuma Sato, a professional motor sport driver in Japan.

"My thoughts and prayers go out t

Дата отправки: 2020.05.30 9:03
Имя: Vernoninwat
Email: catch715616@swing.ioswed.com
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Roosters rookie rubbed out for season-high four tackles in final loss


The Raiders have picked up two first-grade stars for the first time this season, with former Kangaroos Michael Oldfield and Mitch Hallahan both picking up major knocks in round 22.

The first premiership skipper was left out of the team for the third-straight game after fracturing his pectoral.

Hallahan was also hit late in the game, but the Raiders kept it tight and kept attacking during the period when the big man was sidelined.

It was the second time in the year Oldfield and Hallahan have been knocked off of the field for the first-grade team by injury.

The pair were also dropped early in the season after picking up a number of issues over the weekend.

However the pair has now recovered to return to the squad for the season launch which opens next Tuesday.

Hallahan picked up a hamstring strain against the Brisbane Lions on Saturday night, while Oldfield is still struggling with an ankle injury.


Дата отправки: 2020.05.27 22:49
Имя: WillieMeecy
Email: serye87@list.ru
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Дата отправки: 2020.05.27 21:30
Имя: AneTRic
Email: anna@yarnotary.ru
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Есть у кого знакомые с короновирусом?

Дата отправки: 2020.05.27 14:55
Имя: WalterOi
Email: mde-fex@yandex.ru
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What is it - V7BOMDEFEX
Please tell me-where is it? Or what is it V7BOMDEFEX ?

Дата отправки: 2020.05.27 8:05
Имя: Vernoninwat
Email: catch64z7m@swing.ioswed.com
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The squalor of jakartas detention centre where people were tortured during riots across the country.

On July 16, three days after India's Supreme Court declared a total ban on the controversial practice of hanging, a new camp was inaugurated in the state capital, Gwalior.

On July 17, an official said the camp had 2,500 people. "We have set up a number of camps in the state. These are not just for prisoners but people on bail or who are on remand in jails," the official said. Officials said the jails were being run under the supervision of public security teams and the security of police had been strengthened. There were no reports of incidents at the camps.

In the state capital, Jharkhand, thousands of supporters marched towards the capital, the capital city of Gujarat, in protest against the violence that had left more than 8,000 people dead during the week. They also marched through Jharkhand's western state to protest against the killing of Dalits and others by state officials.

Дата отправки: 2020.05.25 14:27
Имя: lis.kretov
Email: lis.kretov@bk.ru
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Установили домофон без трубки, слышим через слово да ещё собаки лают, очень мешают разговаривать. (Модель UKP-66) Кто знает, чем это лечится

Дата отправки: 2020.05.24 17:48
Имя: VanyaD
Email: vanya_dorn_2021@list.ru
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Приветствую! Срочно выкупим остатки снятых с производства подъездных домофонов "Полис 42ТМ" коммутаторы и блоки вызова, и любые элементы подъездных домофонов KWORK-187Р, выкупим в любом состоянии.

Дата отправки: 2020.05.22 1:01
Имя: Serzhdomofon
Email: yeruslanov.serzh@bk.ru
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Здравствуйте! Срочно выкупим остатки снятых с производства подъездных домофонов "Полис 52ТМ" коммутаторы и блоки вызова, и любые элементы подъездных домофонов KWORK, по вашей цене.

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